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Our team of patent agents and technical staff have backgrounds in many areas of science and engineering. In short, we speak your language. We have professionals in mechanical engineering, electronics, software, chemistry and energy management.


We can assist you with:


  • Drafting and prosecution of Malaysian patent applications

  • Filing PCT applications

  • Opposition and appeal proceedings

  • Freedom to operate reports

  • Product and patent infringement and validity analysis


Whether you are a multinational corporation, university or other research entity, law practice or start-up company, Pangaea IP has a solution for you. We will assemble the ideal team of professionals and technical experts for your intellectual property protection needs. For more information, feel free to send us an e-mail or even give us an old-fashioned call.



Your trade marks are what distinguishes you. They are an indication of that guarantee of quality of your goods and services, and are vital to your business success.


The importance of your trade marks is manifest in the value placed on them, their recognition in the public sphere, and the goodwill that attaches to them as assets of your business.


We at Pangaea will assist you in developing strategies for safeguarding your trade marks and maximising their potential.


We will guide you through the steps of trade mark selection, searching, use, protection, licensing, and maintenance.



A somewhat overlooked intellectual property right is that associated  with the aesthetic properties of your product - industrial designs.


Unlike patents, which protect the function of a product, industrial designs protect the look, shape, pattern, motif and/or arrangement of your product.
Pangaea IP has expertise in the filing and prosecution of a variety of industrial designs. We will assist you in determining what can - and what cannot - be protected under industrial design rights, and pave the way to a smooth filing process.




Copyright protects your creative output including literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works as well as broadcasts, films and sound recordings.


We at Pangaea IP can assist you on all aspects of copyright law including identifying copyrighted works, and determining ownership. We can also help you file a statutory declaration, which would give your work a clearer legal standing.

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